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Experience the perfect blend of art and cuisine at The Lifeguard by Edwar Simal. Our cozy restaurant offers a delectable menu of carefully selected ingredients served with a warm smile. Step into our cultural haven and enjoy the vibrant art that surrounds you.

A Bite of Art in Every Dish and Every Drop of Coffee

At The Lifeguard by Edwar Simal, we're more than just a place to eat and drink. We're a family-run business owned by Neybeth and Edwar, a passionate couple who combine their love for delicious food, warm hospitality, and artistic expression.

Neybeth and Edwar, with their culinary expertise, curates a menu with our main Chef that delights your taste buds. Edwar, through his stunning photography showcased in our gallery, brings a touch of artistic flair to the space. 

Our story began with Neybeth and Edwar's shared dream of creating a welcoming space that celebrates both culinary delights and artistic expression. Together, they poured their hearts and creativity into The Lifeguard by Edwar Simal, making it a destination for both locals and visitors.

Fresh Ingredients, Fresh Coffee, Fresh Taste

From Our Heart to Your Plate

You can often find Neybeth and Edwar personally interacting with guests and ensuring a seamless dining experience, while Edwar's photography not only adorns the walls but also tells a unique story about Miami's vibrant culture. 

At The Lifeguard by Edwar Simal, you'll experience the warmth and dedication of Neybeth and Edwar in everything we do. From the delicious food prepared with fresh ingredients, the delightful coffee made from selected grains, to the carefully curated art gallery, their passion shines through, creating a truly special atmosphere. 

Neybeth and Edwar believe in creating a space where everyone feels welcome and can connect over a delicious meal, tasty coffee or simply appreciate the beauty of art. Come experience their vision for yourself!

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